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Hey sweetie, I am so glad to see you! Come on in, take your shoes off… How do you like your coffee?

I’m Roxanne – Amigurumi guru from Estonia

  1. I LIVE happily in a pile of yarn with my husband and cat.
  2. I CROCHET toys with lively faces in Japanese crochet technique – amigurumi.
    During the last three years, I have tangled about 20000 meters of yarn, creating hundreds of lovely plushies.
  3. I BELIEVE that needlework is something that nourishes women and gives them energy.
  4. I TEACH girls from all over the world how to crochet beautiful toys with the help of my step-by-step TUTURIALS.
  5. I BELIEVE that every boy and girl should have a magical crochet friend to share with him all the crazy adventures of childhood.
  6. I WANT SO MUCH that every mum could create toys for her children, because with the blessing of her hands, bears and bunnies will become protecting talismans.